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Active Aging Lecture Series Scheduled At Vintage House This Fall

August 10, 2017

Sonoma Valley Hospital and Vintage House will continue the lively and informative series this Fall themed “Active Aging: Live Your Best Life Now.” The lectures provide insight and information on how to get the most out of your senior years.

The talks are open to the community without charge and will be held in Stone Hall at Vintage House, from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm on four consecutive Thursdays, September 21 and 28, and October 5 and 12. Light refreshments will be provided. Vintage House is located at 264 1st Street East. Please RSVP to Vintage House at 707-996-0311, or Topics and speakers include:

September 21: “Sitting On A Secret.” Many experiencing colon or rectal health issues are often reluctant to bring it up with their physician. Sabrina Kidd, MD, FACS, FASCRS, will discuss common colon and rectal problems we all face as we age and do so with candor, sensitivity and a touch of humor. Topics range from hemorrhoids and common constipation and diarrhea to incontinence and diverticular disease, along with more serious issues as colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer in both women and men today. Dr. Kidd is a dual board certified colorectal and general surgeon with a practice located at the Sonoma Valley Specialty Clinic.

September 28: “Four Scientific Ways to Become Happier!” Patricia Brooks LCSW, PhD, will discuss some amazing new findings from recent neuroscience research about how to increase our happiness index, focusing on four simple rituals that neuroscientists claim will change our brain activity and boost our sense of well-being. Dr. Brooks is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and earned a PhD in Healing Psychology and Integrative Medicine in 2003. She has worked in the Health Care field for over 40 years, specializing in the Mind-Body connection. She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with an eclectic treatment approach tailored to an individual’s needs.

October 5: “Shaking Up Your Exercise Routine” is the topic of the talk by Marek Grzybowski, MS, PT. We know it’s critical to exercise regularly as we age, but Marek discusses why it’s also important to add variety to your routine, and provides ideas on ways to accomplish this. Doing so not only boosts the benefits from exercise, but also makes it more fun, says Marek, a Physical Therapist and Outpatient Rehabilitation Manager for Sonoma Valley Hospital with a Masters in Physical Rehabilitation. He regularly works with Sonoma Valley seniors to help them with balance issues and encourage a more active lifestyle, and is quick to advise, “If you don’t move, you rust.”

October 12: “A Look Inside Our Emergency Department.” In this special session, two emergency medicine physicians discuss what to expect when you visit the Emergency Room. Our speakers are Robbie Cohen, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Sonoma Valley Hospital who has many years’ experience in emergency medicine, and Cynthia Lawder, MD, the Medical Director of the hospital’s Emergency Department. They will discuss what typically happens when a patient visits the ED, including the protocols the medical team follows when presented with serious symptoms, such as for stroke or cardiac arrest. There will be ample time for audience questions.


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