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SVH_viewThe Mission of the Sonoma Valley Health Care District is to maintain, improve and restore the health of everyone in our community.

Sonoma Valley Hospital is a 75-bed, full-service acute care district hospital, with an outstanding staff of health care professionals located in the heart of the City of Sonoma. Our community offers beautiful scenery, weather and a full range of healing and health care services, as well as and top-notch physicians who enjoy the confidence of their patients.

The atmosphere of our hospital is like the atmosphere of Sonoma. We are a warm, comfortable, familial place of healing. We are known for our compassionate and professional staff and for our dedication to the needs and expectations of our community. Our services encompass the whole spectrum of health care needs, and medical treatment extends to all but the most specialized issues.

We are here to lead our patients on the path to health – from their first visit with a primary care physician to their final stay in our Skilled Nursing Facility or Home Care. In addition, by offering education and compassionate support, we help to restore and maintain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of our patients. 


As part of the Sonoma Valley Health Care District, the hospital is supported primarily by revenues from services, augmented by taxpayer support in the form of a parcel tax, charitable bequests and donations. The Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation  play an integral role in our fundraising efforts.

In November 2009, the community passed Measure P, which granted a $35 million GO bond to enable Sonoma Valley Hospital to renovate and retrofit the facility to the state standards mandated for compliance by 2013.

Health Care Relationships and Affiliations

Sonoma Valley Hospital works closely with many health care providers to provide a seamless continuum of care to our patients. We are affiliated with UCSF Health, the top-rated medical center in California and one of the top five hospitals in the nation. We also maintain service agreements with other hospitals and health care providers in the region including Prima Medical Foundation, Meritage Medical Network, Marin General Hospital, St Joseph’s Heath, California Pacific Medical Center, Sonoma Valley Community Health Center and Napa State Hospital.

Prima Medical Foundation

The Prima Medical Foundation is a separate, non-profit, physician corporation that employs physicians through Professional Services Agreements. The Group has a 1206(L) Foundation Structure and employs over 40 physicians, with 10 different specialties in Marin and Sonoma Counties. The Sonoma Prima office is part of the Prima Medical Foundation.

The major reason for the Sonoma Prima office and the participation of the Sonoma Valley Hospital (SVH) in the Prima Medical Foundation has been to provide a cost-effective means to recruit and retain physicians in Sonoma. SVH has a funding agreement with the Prima Medical Foundation to support the Sonoma office. Physicians are paid based on worked RVU’s.  Currently, the Sonoma Prima office employs an Orthopedic Surgeon, a General/Bariatric Surgeon, 3 Primary Care Physicians, and a Pediatrician.

The Prima Medical Foundation Board has accountability and oversight and the general member is Marin General Hospital (MGH.)  The Sonoma Valley District CEO meets monthly with the Prima Sonoma physician leader to systematically review the monthly financials and physician practices.

1206(B) Physician Clinic

The Sonoma Valley District in 2016 formed a 1206(B) Physician Clinic to provide another option for the recruitment and retention of physicians in Sonoma. Currently, this Clinic employs one General/Colorectal surgeon who operates out of the Hospital’s timeshare space on Napa Street

Meritage Medical Network

Meritage Medical Network (MMN) is a network of 700 primary care and specialist physicians in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties.  Sonoma Valley Hospital participates with MMN and Marin General Hospital to provide a Western Health Advantage HMO product in the Sonoma Valley.

Sonoma Valley Hospital also participates with MMN and Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital to provide the SCAN Medicare Advantage HMO product in the Sonoma Valley.

MMN (originally known as Marin IPA) was formed in 1981 to organize the physicians of Marin County, California into an Individual Practice Association (IPA) that could accept HMO insurance risk contracts. Currently, MMN has relationships with eight hospitals in its service area, including Sonoma Valley Hospital.

Northern California Health Care Authority

The Northern California Health Care Authority is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) formed in 2009 to create a “regional” entity to pool Health Care District resources for greater efficiency, to present a larger client base for physicians, and to negotiate better reimbursement rates from insurers.

The five health care districts that are members of the Authority are:

  •             Palm Drive Healthcare District
  •             North Sonoma County Health Care District
  •             Sonoma Valley Healthcare District
  •             Mendocino Coast Healthcare District
  •             Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District


Agendas of all upcoming public meetings are available on our calendar

To become more familiar with how the Sonoma Valley Health Care District is structured, click here.

See the most current version of the Health Care District Law from the Association of California Health Care Districts.     

The Association of California Healthcare Districts cites the California Health and Safety Code definition of a District as: “Healthcare Districts are public entities that provide community-based health care services to residents throughout the state. They respond to the needs in their District by providing a range of services which may include a hospital, clinic, skilled nursing facility or emergency medical services as well as education and wellness programs. Each of California’s Healthcare Districts is governed by a locally elected Board of Trustees who are directly accountable to the communities they serve.” The Code gives wide latitude to Districts for the services which may be provided to meet the needs of the community. 

 Since its inception in 1946, the Sonoma Valley Health Care District has operated a hospital to serve the health needs of the District. The hospital, in turn has provided the resources and management necessary for many non-hospital health services for the community, including but not limited to: 

  • A Skilled Nursing Facility
  • An outpatient Physical and Speech Rehabilitation facility
  • A Home Health Care service
  • An Occupational Health service for employers
  • A Physician and Surgeon recruiting program to ensure community access to health care professionals.
  • Community and/or population health programs serving the entire community
    • Healthy Kids are Contagious through education.
    • Keeping Healthy People Healthy through awareness.
    • Leading Healing for Life through coaching. 



The Sonoma Valley Health Care District’s annual compensation report is sent to the State Controller’s office. It can be viewed on the State Controllers Website using the following link:


Sonoma Valley Hospital has established an email address to answer questions about the hospital’s services: [email protected]

While we will gladly provide or direct callers to appropriate health education materials, this service is not intended to provide specific medical advice. If you or a family member has a medical condition requiring attention, please call your family physician. For assistance in finding a local physician, click Find a Doctor.

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