Sonoma Valley Hospital

Medical Executive Committee

The Medical Staff of Sonoma Valley Hospital (The Medical Staff) is an independent organization whose members are physicians accredited by the Hospital. The Medical Staff is self-governing, subject to the District Board’s final approval of Medical Staff Bylaws, members and their privileges, hospital rules for quality of patient health and safety, and indemnification of practice [California Health and Safety Code (H&S) 32128, 32129].

The Medical Staff is responsible to oversee the quality of medical care, treatment and services delivered in the hospital. An important component of that responsibility is the oversight of care rendered by members and AHPs practicing in the hospital.

The officers of the Medical Staff are:

• Chief of Staff
• Vice Chief of Staff
• Immediate Past Chief of Staff
• Committee Chairs

The officers serve a term of two years. The Vice Chief of Staff accedes to the position of Chief of Staff upon the Chief of Staff’s completion of his or her term.

The members of the Medical Staff, with the exception of the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, are not employees of the hospital, instead the hospital contracts with medical organizations to provide clinical services. The practitioners employed by these medical organizations with whom the hospital contracts to provide services which involve clinical duties or privileges must be a member of the Medical Staff, achieving his or her status by the procedures described in the Medical Staff bylaws.

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