Sonoma Valley Hospital

The Birthplace


At The Birthplace of Sonoma Valley Hospital (SVH) we pride ourselves on offering the most personalized and attentive care an expectant mother and her loved ones can hope to find. SVH has been recognized as one of the top 33 “High Performing Hospitals” offering maternity services in California.

childbirth-photoYou will be cared for by highly trained Registered nurses specializing in Maternity care who are privileged to support you and your family in this most meaningful experience. Our medical team is available 24 hours a day to provide individualized and dedicated services to meet your needs through labor and birth. At the Birthplace we have a low intervention approach, however we do have the technology to monitor you and your baby minute by minute during labor and birth if necessary.

The childbirth education classes offered by the Birthplace are available to provide an overview of labor and childbirth for pregnant women and their partners.

IMG_3865On arrival to The Birthplace you be will be greeted by one of our nurses and shown to your private room where you can personalize your space to welcome your newest family member. Our nurses assist you and your partner with various labor support techniques including use of the ‘Aqua Doula’ tub, shower, and other types of pain relief, including epidural.

After the birth of your baby you and your family will be given the privacy you need to get to know your new son or daughter. You will be guided in caring for your newborn and supported in your choice of infant feeding. Our lactation specialists are skilled in assisting you with breast feeding. As a result of our breast feeding support The Birthplace currently rates in the top 25% of US hospitals in Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care. Throughout the postpartum period you will be provided with the education you need to become confident in your role as new parents when you take your baby home.


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